Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Weekend! Didn't have a chance to post until now! This weekend I got a chance to go down to the annual sidewalk art show and got a really great piece of jewelry. I also got a chance to see my cousin Adam compete in a swim meet on Saturday, which was awesome! The hydroplane races were all weekend, but we attended on Sunday for the finals and it was a nice relaxing day in the sun. For the week ahead, I have already crossed off TWO of my list items (new list as of this morning), and it DOES feel good.

As for SYTYCD last week, I didn't put up a video because I was too dissappointed in the rest of the viewers who voted off the wrong person 2 weeks in a row. Unforgiveable. We will see this week if people get their heads on straight.

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HB said...

Keep crossing off!! It really helps. Just making that line is an accmplishment, isn't it? Glad you got some fun in the sun. Kiss your forehead.