Friday, July 18, 2008


Lately I have been really into the show So You Think You Can Dance. A couple of friends and I have taken to watching it just about every week and we tend to make a pretty fun night out of it. We even have an acronym for our favorite show of the moment...SYTYCD. We are that cool. Anyways, anyone that knows me will understand why I love this show...I enjoy dance. Watching it, doing it, anything about it I love, and the people on this show are all extremely talented.

On Wednesday, one of the judges said something cool about a dance featured on the show: "when internal artistry meets physical expression" This was such a great thought and it really stuck with me. The next night, the same judge said something else that really stuck with me, because it really pertains to a lot of people in my life right now:

"It is difficult to find the avenue of gain while being chauffered by loss."
This is so true. It is SO difficult. But not impossible.


matt said...

Right on! I am so excited to check in regularly and see what you are thinking!

Looking forward to seeing you in one month!

HB said...

Remember how we were talking about the small things that make us so happy? Actually, this is so much bigger. I'm not sure if you realize what a large part of my heart that you occupy. HUGE. I'm so excited to read and watch your thoughts, etc. every day. Your first post made me cry...and I'm at work you little brat! I love you to the moon and back.

HB said...

Hey, one more thing on "I enjoy dance..." You for got to mention teaching it!! So I thought I'd mention it for you.