Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A "drabulous" or "dulltacular", if you will, day

This morning at dance practice I locked my keys in my car (good one), and had to get a ride to work from one of the other girls that is assisting. Now I have to leave work a little early (ohhh the horror!!) so I can get a ride with Kait to get my spare key.
I have just been feeling so lazy and tired lately...last night, my ballet teacher wasn't there because she had a family emergency and another girl taught our class. I wasn't really getting anything out of it without my regular teacher there, so I decided to go home and work on homework to be more productive. When I got home, I ate dinner, read a miniscule amount in my psych book, and then watched Heroes. Basically, nothing got accomplished. Now i have two quizzes due tonight that I haven't finished the reading for and I can't work on my reading at work because of course, my book is in my car. Which is locked, and at the high school.
Plus, tonight is my last night to hang out with my friend before she moves to Bellevue :(

Good thing reminders: I am having a productive day at work, somehow. Only two more days in the work week. Seattle on Friday (for school, but still...Seattle is bomb no matter the reason). My nails are growing rather nicely and I keep admiring them.

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Holly said...

Oh my. Just laughing picturing you admiring your nails.

who's moving to Bellvue?

Say hello to Seattle for me, and my peeps there in!