Thursday, September 18, 2008

Office 09/18

First of all, let me just say that i feel extremely old because most of the things I talk about happen at the office...and I'm a college student...

With that said, our management has been providing us with a lot of goodies the past couple of weeks. Our contract is ending so extra money needs to be spent, along with the fact that a lot of people are probably going to get laid off soon so they are doing it as a "morale booster." I'm not sure that free pizza and subway sandwiches would brighten my outlook if I was going to be laid off, but what the heck, why not give it a try?

Today, our morale booster was bagels and scones for breakfast. The secretary for our group, Karen, and I went over to the next building to get a box for our employees. We were asking everyone whether they wanted a bagel or a scone when one guy responds with "What's a scone?" OK, that isn't that bad...scones aren't super well known (I guess?). Then he asks "What's a bagel?" REALLY NOW? Come on...Karen looks at me with a blank stare, shrugging and says, "Crystal, what's a bagel? How do I explain that?" Well, um, it's...uh...round...and...uh...bread-y?

So we go over and get bagels and some scones and bring them back. Everybody's happy. Like it actually did boost their morale. Way to go management, youv'e made them keep at it for another day!

So, I'm walking back to my desk and some guy walks out of his office and says "Somebody's got some pan-fried rabbit?!"

Good Lord.

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HB said...

"bread-y!" I love it. Oh-oOh-Ooh-OH! You make me laugh DAH-ling.