Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A job well done.

Because my classes beginning in January will be primarily during the day when I work, I'm not going to be able to keep the job that I currently have. I was telling one of the women that I have worked closely with over the past months that I would be leaving in about 8 weeks, and that if there is anything else she needed help with until then I would be happy to help. She said, "I know your plate is really full with other projects right now, so I guess there are other interns that I could get to help me. But none of them are as good as you, and I always have to hold their hand through everything, it's annoying!" She decided everything would be OK, as long as she could send them to me with questions. This made me laugh, because I feel like this has been the cushiest job ever. If I hadn't been doing a good job, that would have been a little sad seeing as I get paid 15 bucks an hour to sit in front of a computer and make spreadsheets. I mean, I know how exciting and challenging that sounds.... No really, who could actually be bad at that??

Either way, I'm kind of excited about the recognition =)

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Holly said...

I could be bad at that...