Wednesday, December 3, 2008

School's Out for the Summer!!

Ok, not really, but no more Human Anatomy & Physiology for me!! I decided that since I got into the nursing program already with a C+ in the class from a couple semesters ago (my worst grade EVER, mind you...) that there was no point in finishing out this quarter of madness.
I dropped the course this morning and now, for the next two weeks I have freed up time that would have been spent writing a paper on the urinary system (exciting), taking a quiz, a comprehensive final (the WORST kind), another quiz, a lab final, and driving to Seattle and back for lab. Whew! Think of all the things I can do now!
I can now focus my time on finishing up my Life-Span Developmental Psychology class that will actually mean something when I'm done with it. Only two more weeks of that and not nearly as much work =)


Holly said...

Good for you! AND, you can spend more time enjoying the holidays.

matt said...

Hey now, those urinary systems can come in handy . . . don't knock it til you've tried it . . .