Thursday, February 12, 2009

Real Friends...

bring you Ben & Jerry's Half-Baked when you are in the middle of studying for multiple exams and had a loooooonnnng day with old people =)

Thanks Jamie!

With regards to the old people...first day of clinical today!! I'm assigned to Richland Rehabilitation Center, which is best decribed as a step between the hospital and assisted living. Today I was on PT/OT duty (physical therapy/occupational therapy). IT WAS AWESOME!!! Before today, I was absolutely positive that I wouldn't want to work in a nursing home or in any sort of geriatric field for some reason. After my shift, I definitely was willing to reconsider that thought! PT/OT was especially great, because I was able to see the different levels of care that were given in just one facility. It ranged from patients who could barely even stand or push themselves in a wheelchair, to ex-PT regulars coming in to visit and bringing Valentine's treats for their friends, It was amazing, so much happened, and I was so thankful for being able to experience it!

Good day =)


Holly said...

That is wonderfully cool! I still vote for the NICU. I love that you're seeing it all though. Love it.

Wes said...

What a great friend Jamie has been for so many years. We love Frogie.