Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Ehhh I am so frustrated!

Here is the scoop:

The school I am trying to go to for fall semester (Renton) won't accept my financial aid grants or loans, and they say I am not eligible for any other grants through them, even though I was eligible for a grant from the federal government.....? So now, all of the money that I am being offered to use for school for the semester is just going to go away. "Here you go, here's $8000...Oh wait, nevermind. You can't actually have that."

The school I am going to now (Columbia Basin), I decided against before because the people there working in administration actually made me feel stupider every time words came out of their mouth. I decided on Renton because my WSU advisor recommended their physiology program. Now, one of the classes I need there is full.

WSU tri cities doesnt offer all of my classes, nor does the WSU online program. WSU in Pullman does (obviously, because I took them there before)...except it's not here. And i think one of my classes there is full too.

So...dilemma. I wish I would have just gotten into nursing school, that would have been better.

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HB said...

Oh no! There HAS to be a solution to this, there just HAS to be!