Wednesday, July 30, 2008


That is the sound of relief sweeping over me. Dilemma no more. Renton it is. All registered and paid and ready to go starting September 17 :) I looked into going back to Pullman today because I thought I might be able to get into the class i need once the semester begins, but I couldn't find anywhere to live with less than a 10 month lease. Unless I lived in the thanks! (Sorry Emily :P) Home is just fine for me right now I have decided.

Random thought: Right now, looking out the window of my office I can see the smoke of a brush fire probably about 30 miles away. If I just stare at the cloud, I can't tell at all that it is even moving or growing with the wind. But if I look away for 10 seconds or so and look back, it is completely different and way bigger. This is interesting to me.


HB said...

Good job Tater! I knew it would work out somehow. What do the other ladies at work have to say about the smoke? Any deep thoughts there? I like how your mind works... so witty sometimes, and so pensive others. That's my girl.

Crystal said...

Sandy is gone...what a boring day! Lois can't see it from her window, but came to look out of mine through the binoculars.

Shelli said...

Hey lulu, glad you got everything squared away for the next semester. Things always work out...sometimes just go a little off course.
P.S. the word verification they make me do to post is sometimes hard for me to read... is that normal?? LOL