Thursday, August 28, 2008


this morning was richland d-team's first morning practice and i was so excited to finally be able to go and help them out!! i have been feeling guilty all summer for not being able to go to their practices, but now that they have school their schedule mathces up more with mine. their dances are super cute and I can't wait until they perform next week!! im also most likely going to start taking technique classes the first week of september on thursday nights. this is a great thing about coming home...i get to dance!! practices are at 5:15 tuesdays and thursday and I surprisingly had no trouble getting up on time this morning! hopefully that will continue. the starbucks lady even opened a little early for me :)


Wes said...

I am so glad you are enjoying dance. Love ya!

HB said...

That's so cool!! Are you helping coach? What is this arrangement? I bet the girls LOVE you.