Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have nearly fallen asleep at my desk about three times now today, this is no good! Thought I needed a break...mainly I just need to get more sleep...

Coming up is a busy weekend, so I won't actually be able to catch up on Z's until Sunday. Friday my dancers have their first home football game performance and they also have a pep assembly, which is always exciting for them. Then I am going up with Dad to the WSU California game on Saturday, GO COUGS!!

Things in the office is quiet today, besides Sandy (as always). This morning she called a refrigerator repairman(to fix her *brand new* refrigerator that is leaking). They said they wouldn't be able to get oanyone out until Friday and she proceeded to tell them what for and ask them "you expect me to keep mopping up the floor until then?!" So, needless to say she will be calling the manager, customer complaint department and the....'attorney general'?? She got off the phone and I said, "Sandy, really? Come on..."'s very important that she calls the 'attorney general' because they will get stuff done. Like get the refrigerator repairman to her house faster.

She's probably forgotten about all of that by now, because her daughter just went into labor with her first grandchild. Good thing...she needed to get out of the office...

As for me, I will be putting in another 4 hours here at the Scranton Branch.

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HB said...

Yay! There will be so many good Sandy stories once she's a grandparent! Sounds like she'll have a mess at home though with that blasted fridgerater. Have fun at the game!