Monday, September 8, 2008

80 minutes till cougar footbal!!

That's how early we were to the game on saturday. We lost horribly, probably worst in history, and I say this on a whim with no research whatsoever. 66-3. BUT, despite our awful playing, watching the boyfriend nearly punch someone in the face, and getting a little crispy from the sun, I still managed to have fun at the game and enjoyed sitting right behind the players. Good thing my dad and I ended up getting free tickets though, that were actually really great seats!!


HB said...

What's all the violence about???

Crystal said...

there was a really annoying guy next to us making fun of our players. augie yelled at him, and later said that he was glad my dad and I were there because wanted to punch the guy. awesome. glad we could keep you out of jail augie.

HB said...

What a Stinker!